Focus On The Positive

The secret to happiness is focusing on the positive. The key to good mental health is also focusing on the positive. It almost seems that we are indoctrinated at a very young age to only focus on the negatives of life. We bitch and complain about EVERYTHING! We don't like our jobs, we don't love ourselves, … Continue reading Focus On The Positive


The 3 C’s of Life

There are millions of people out there suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and general unhappiness. Most people look outward for a source of happiness without realizing that the true source of happiness comes from within. If you're looking for a way out of the misery, then you automatically have a long and arduous road ahead … Continue reading The 3 C’s of Life

Beating Depression – Mental Health

Life at times can get you down, but then there are times where you feel like you’re being swallowed whole by a darkness you cannot even begin to comprehend. Every part of your life suffers, you struggle just to get out of bed each day. You stop hanging out with friends, you cut off family. … Continue reading Beating Depression – Mental Health