Coconuts Can Kill You!!

Ok… so I admit, the title is a little misleading, but it got your attention didn’t it?  lol….

So, coconut-anything is all the rage right now but what you may not realize is that you may be consuming too many coconut ‘products’ and that can ultimately increase the risk factors for high cholesterol and heart disease.

Please read on to learn about how too many coconut products may not actually good for your health. Unless your name is Chuck and your best friend, Wilson, is a volleyball – you shouldn’t be consuming large amounts of coconut daily. It actually hurts your heart…

Before I go any further I want to make something clear… You will naturally find saturated fats in both animal and plant based foods. And yes, plant based saturated fats are thought to be a tiny bit “healthier” than animal based saturated fats… However, either one in high amounts is not good for you. Understand I am not saying to avoid all saturated fats. We do need some saturated fats in our diet, but not much – adults require a maximum of 13 grams a day – which is not a lot at all really.

Coconut products that we consume (particularly canned milk and coconut oil) are high in saturated fats (the bad fats) and extremely low in mono & poly unsaturated fats (the good fats).

“The NEL concluded that there was “strong” evidence that dietary saturated fats increased serum total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

The popular canned coconut milk made by THAI has 10g of Saturated Fat per 80ml and 10- 20mg of sodium!! WHAT?!? So, putting 1 cup of coconut milk into your morning smoothie means your consuming 30g of saturated fat and 30-60mg of sodium – that is more than double the recommended daily amount of saturated fat in just 1 drink!

Spectrum Naturals, Organic Coconut Oil is also very popular. 1 Tbsp (a t 14g) contains 12g of saturated fat. So pretty much 1 tbsp is all you should eat in a day for saturated fats. Forget your nuts and seeds… you can’t have them now.


So as you can see, canned coconut milk and coconut oils are both extremely high in saturated fats and when consumed often – it can negatively affect your overall health and raise LDL levels (Low Density Lipoproteins) which is the culprit for heart disease and heart attacks.

If you’re a vegan who was recently advised your cholesterol is high… double check what you are eating. Do you consume a lot of coconut products? Even if your cholesterol isn’t high… you can still be damaging your heart and increasing your risk of heart attack and heart disease.

If you are WFPB then you’re not eating coconut oil, but chances are you are still putting coconut milk into your smoothies. Switch to almond milk or cashew milk. We get enough saturated fats from nuts and seeds – we don’t need to be adding more with canned coconut milk.

So, please do you research! Does the food your eating contain high amounts of Saturated Fats and low amount of Unsaturated Fats (mono and polyunsaturated)? If so, you need to avoid them or consume them in absolute minimal amounts 1-2 times a week at most!

You want to be eating foods that are low in Saturated Fats and high in Unsaturated Fats – this is what will lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise your HDL (good cholesterol).

To be certain you are eating proper and healthy foods
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Until Next Time!


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