To Honey or Not To Honey?

That really is the question, isn’t it? Honey is a little wonder of our world. Made from plant pollen by bees, it is sweet, yummy, sticky, gooey deliciousness.

But should we include it in our plant based diet? There seems to be an awful lot of confusion about this – and I want to refer to my previous post about the difference between vegans and plant based eaters. You can be vegan, you can be a vegan plant based eater or you can be strictly a plant based eater. If you’re not certain the difference, please click the link above and read that post.

I think that it boils down to more of a personal choice, especially if you are vegan or a vegan plant based eater. As a vegan plant based eater, you would avoid it simply because it is produced by bees. Ok, fair enough. That is the choice of a vegan and I respect that. Honey

However, if you are strictly plant based for health – you should enjoy the natural sugars that make up honey. Made primarily of fructose and glucose (the brain and body’s main source of fuel) – honey is an all natural sweetener that comes from the pollen of plants.

The health benefits are also worth it. While honey doesn’t provide much in terms of vitamins and minerals (containing only trace amounts), it does however contain certain enzymes that play a vital role in reducing internal inflammation throughout the body and it has great antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help maintain a healthy gut. It also has great healing properties when used topically as well. You can read this study to learn all about the benefits of honey both internally and externally.

When considering a honey, don’t buy from a grocery store. Nearly all honey that is found in the grocery stores is not real honey at all. It is made up of processed (GMO) junk sugar that doesn’t contain the enzymes your body will benefit from. You want to look for honey that is both raw and unpasteurized – preferably one that still contains pollen. It is the pollen that holds the beneficial enzymes you want. You can find a local supplier or find raw unpasteurized honey at many health food stores.

So when it boils down to that very sticky question… To honey or not to honey… If you are a non-vegan plant based eater for health reasons… I say ENJOY THAT HONEY! (But not too much… 1-2 Tbsp a day is pretty much where you want to max out). But don’t be afraid to consume one of natures most prized all-natural sweeteners. Forget milk… Honey, it does a body good!

Until Next Time!


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