About Me



“Hello, I am Melissa. I am a plant based, nutrition and wellness coach. My goal is to empower, motivate, educate and facilitate a transition to a healthier, happier version of you through healthy and nutritious lifestyle changes.​Wife and mother of 4. I began my journey some 10 years ago with the passing of my mother. Wathcing her slowly die from cancer. I thought there has to be a better way! I became obsessed with nutrition, it only made sense that what we fuel our bodies with can either help us or hurt us. I became obsessed with GMO’s and the potential dangers they may pose. From there I embarked on an enlightening journey. I acquired a keen interest in the Food:Body Connection. Understanding how food plays the utmost vital role when it comes to our health, our weight and our happiness in life.”


Melissa has certification in fields ranging from Life & Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Weight Management, Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques, Emotional Healing, and Anxiety Therapy. She also has  over a decade under her belt in health & nutrition research studies, including chronic illness, the effects of GMO’s, and the effects of plant-based lifestyles on overall health.

​Melissa has a life long history of coaching people long before she even realized that becoming a nutrition & wellness expert was her life’s purpose. She strives to encourage her clients to the best of her ability to ensure a high client success rate.

Mission Statement

My mission aims at helping people to lose weight and comfortably manage chronic health conditions, and to live as healthy and happy individuals through food and nutrition. To overcome the mental barriers between food, weight, health and happiness. To unearth the link between food and mental health that not only reduces depression but also builds the levels of happiness, self love and confidence required to enjoy life in all aspects and be truly at peace with who you are.


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